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Whether you have been relaxing in luxury for years or are just beginning to research the many benefits of a spa… Hot Tub Repair Colorado Springs is here for you. We specialize in service, repair, hot tub opening, hot tub closing, maintenance and moving. Your hot tub is an investment and we want your stay-cation experience to be hassle free and cost effective.

Call Hot Tub Repair Colorado Springs and schedule to be on our monthly maintenance program. Water chemistry can be intimidating and difficult to understand so leave it to the certified experts.

One thing important to understand as a hot tub owner is that your spa is not a small pool, its management and limitations are much different. The high water temperature of the hot tub allows far more opportunity for bacteria to grow. And if not properly tested and treated, the water can be responsible for complaints such as rashes, nausea, athletes foot and other skin infections.

Untreated water can also cause damage to the spa surface and equipment. You want to protect your investment and keep it healthy. Properly maintaining your spa can add 3-4 years to the life of your hot tub

Is your hot tub or spa not working properly?

At hot tub repair Colorado Springs, we are the specialists in repairs and spa maintenance. We know everything there is to know about spas inside and out so we can locate the problem quickly and have you back relaxing in no time! Hot tub ownership doesn’t have to hard work. In fact, that would defeat the purpose of owning one! Hot tubs are intended for relaxation, recovery, and therapy. But, as machines do, they occasionally need repair and maintenance. Our technicians have hot tubs, love hot tubs, and are experienced in identifying every issue that might require hot tub repair.

Need your hot tub moved?

Moving a hot tub can be overbearing for an individual without assistance. The average hot tub can weigh anywhere from 500-1,000 lbs. Moving a hot tub alone or without professional assistance can cause personal injury to the mover or internal or structural damage to the hot tub. Special precautions and equipment are necessary when moving a hot tub. Our professionals here at  are knowledgeable in all aspects of hot tub moving in Colorado Springs.

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Leave your hot tub repair to the professionals at Hot Tub Repair Colorado Springs. Finding a reputable and experienced hot tub repair service company will resolve issues for you as a hot tub owner. When hot tubs run properly it reduced the amount of hot tub maintenance in the future. If something in your hot tub or swimming pool isn’t operating correctly, one of our trusted technicians can visit your home to inspect the system and diagnose the issue. We repair and install all spa equipment, including but not limited to pumps, motors, filters, chlorine generators, automatic controls, heaters, and plumbing components.

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Leak Detection

If you have noticed the water level has receded in your hot tub, the possibility of a leak is possible. The leak can be a repair needed directly within the hot tub itself, or perhaps within the pipes. Small, sometimes unnoticeable leaks can occur at the hot tub pump itself. These types of repairs require the expertise of a hot tub repair service company.

Water Loss

Having to add additional water to your hot tub regularly can be very costly. The frequent adding of water causes loss of proper chemical balance, so, in turn, you are adding more chemicals to encompass the added water. The waste of water which is such a precious commodity should not go unaddressed.

Hot Tub Maintenance Colorado Springs Solutions

Repairing your hot tub quickly and efficiently will not only solve your problem, but it can also help you save money and let you get back to enjoying it.

We offer a wide range of hot tub maintenance and repair solutions, including:

  • Controller upgrades
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Drain and cleans
  • Pump repair or replacement
  • Heater repair or replacement
  • Ozone systems
  • Leak detection
  • Replacement spa covers
  • Diagnose safety switches
  • Pillow replacement
  • Jet replacement
  • Chemical kits
  • Cover-lifts
  • Part replacement and repairs

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After a hard day’s work, few things soothe as effectively as the warm, jetted waters of a hot tub or spa. The swirling, tranquil waters provide immediate relief from muscle tension, unwanted knots, body aches and stress.

If you currently have a hot tub or spa in need of repair then Hot Tub Repair is here to help. We have been in business since 1998 and in a short period of time have grown to be Colorado Springs and El Paso County’s largest hot tub and spa company. This is because we:

Repair all brands of spas, hot tubs, jetted bathtubs, and pools! No matter what the problem is we can fix it, including pool and pond equipment.
Provide the BEST hot tub products, brands, accessories, and customer service in the industry.

Optimize Your Life with a Pristine Hot Tub,– YOU DESERVE IT!
A hot tub or spa can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, whether you want an intimate meeting place for you and your loved one, a place to relax and communicate with your kids, hydro therapy for those aches and pains, or an entertainment center for family and friends. Whatever your desires, we are confident we have the right hot tub to fit your needs and greatly enhance your life experience.

We guarantee that we will have the right brands, products, accessories, and customer service skills to meet all your hot tub requirements.

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